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I have been writing commercial computer software for PC's since 1994. Available below are a selection of programs from my various years of programming right upto the present day.

You'll probably notice the common these to most of these programs - Computer AI - as most programs use various elements of Computer AI to make up the program, from Computer Opponents for games, to AI mapping of the human brain to demonstrate learning and puzzle solving.

Most of these programs have been published before (on various software licences), but are now (several years later) available for use as a free download. Due to this - all programs are supplied as is - no warranty, fitness for purpose or otherwise is supplied or implied regarding these programs your use of these is entirely at your own risk. By downloading the program you agree to this condition and that Sam Hill and anyone or anybody assoicated with the software cannot be and will not be held liable for any loss or damage that may occur from the use of the software. Please also note that no support is supplied for any of these programs.

These programs are protected by copyright law.
Programs are copyright © 1994-2002 Sam Hill (and their original copyright holders), all rights reserved.

No part of any of these programs may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrival system, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, unless otherwise noted in the individual programs licence details (as contained in the program).

Some Recent Software - from 1999 to 2001.

Whois - client for Windows (32kb)
    In association with Ision Internet plc.

This is a Whois client - which allows you to interact with Whois servers on the Internet to find out who owns various domain names.

Wapalizer - Wap Development Kit (1.47mb)

This program is a WAP development tool kit for Windows - which allows you to design and create websites suitable for use on WAP enabled mobile phones. This also includes emulators for both Nokia and Erricsson handsets.

Kohonen Network Simulation - simulates a human brain (20.9 kb - used online)

This is a Java Applet written to demonstrate the techniques of a Kohonen network - which is a simulation method for the human brain - to demonstrate how neurons learn and remember information. Quite a fascinating program.

MazeSolver - Solves 2D maze puzzles. (434kb)

Demonstration program to show host Computer AI could operate to learn how solve 2D maze puzzles.

Atomix - Atom based puzzle game (153kb - played online)

AtomiX is a simple Java Applet game for 0 to 4 players... (The computer assumes the role of any missing players) and the basic aim in AtomiX is to conquer the board and obliterate all your opponents atoms. Each player starts of with just two atoms on the board and then takes turns to try to take over the board...

FictionFind - a book recommending program (702kb)

Written for use in School libraries, this allows pupils to find fiction books that would interest them on a variety of themes. This is the latest version of the software originally written in 1994 for the Harvey Grammar School, Folkestone, Kent. The password to unlock editing is: jup1tern1ne.

Some of the software that was published by WetFish
(between 1998 and 1999)

ASM68k - a 680x0 Processor emulator (713kb)

This program runs as a virtual computer, and operates as if fitted with a Motorola 680x0 processor and interprets the 680x0 Assembly language in operation. (This virtual computer has a massive 128k of RAM, 7 data registers and 4 address registers).

Splods - a puzzle game (579kb)

A fun game (if a bit dated now), where you have to get 3 of the same Splods together and they will disappear. A variation on the Tetris theme...

Some of the games that were published by Illumitec Software
(between 1994 and 1997)

Wormikes - one player game. (340kb)

Gude a very hungy Wallace the worm around a maze to eat the leaves.

Dutris - two player tetris game (236kb)

The classic Tetris game for Windows, and featuring a two player option.

Cubus - slot-shuffle puzzle game (257kb)

See if you can solve the puzzle and unjumble the pieces (or just let the computer AI do it for you).

Bacchus - a card game (311kb)

A one player card game to play against a computer opponent...

SwipSwap - computer based pairs game (713kb)

Get two matching cards together and they disappear, see if you can clear the grid.

This is by no means my complete software portfolio, just a selection of the various programs I have written over the years (and that can be redistributed here) which I hope people will find useful or enjoyable (maybe even both).

To contact regarding any of these programs - please email software@samhill.co.uk.

All the above software is supplied AS IS - and is protected by Copyright Laws.